Amber Rayne Facial
14 January 2012 at 07:24

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Amber Rayne gets a huge facial on video inside Innocent High.

No worries guys, Amber Rayne is not foaming at the mouth…her man just filled all 110 lbs of her with a huge shot of liquid protein. This gal is purely a professional and has done a great job when it comes to giving an oral exam. From the pics and videos I have seen of her, she gets an A+ so you may want to consider remembering her face for your spank bank collection cause she has been well schooled in master levels fellatio for females. Amber looks like the kind of girl who likes to give foot jobs. She can rub a head like no other. Check out the foot job at


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Teens Take It Big
14 January 2012 at 07:22

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The last time I saw someone grab a handle like that was at a bar, granted those were glass bottles instead of some beefy bulges but this girls knows how to sink a few tall ones. Looks like she also likes to drink what she pours, Ive heard of a shot called a blow job but I wonder what to consider calling this drink, Racy Rayne? I like it! After slamming back all those salty shots, this girl is gonna need a good lemon to strip those taste buds, someone got the tequila?


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Amber Rayne Throated
14 January 2012 at 07:17

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Amber has some AMAZING talent as a professional cock gobbler or this dude seriously has a case of small cock syndrome, my guess is that the first one is probably right. I have seen a lot of girl suck quite a bit of man meat but this literally hid this dude’s salami. What guy wouldnt want some cute young girl on her knees looking up at him with her big brown eyes staring back with her mouth full of him. Bet when he is done, he will be poking her other brown eye from the back.


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Amber Rayne My Sisters Hot Friend
14 January 2012 at 07:11

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Amber and my sister has been friends since grade school and she remembered that she saw some great photos of Amber that would be perfect for this blog. After doing a little research, I found it. Funny thing is, i remember when my sister and her went shopping for this lil outfit. Wearing cute Lacey purple panties and giving us her titty peep show how can you not want to bend over the furniture behind her and stain those red velvet couches. I always did think that girl was pretty cute.


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Amber Rayne Bio
14 January 2012 at 07:06

Amber Rayne is a native of Detroit Michigan.  She has the innocent coed looks with a petite frame and A cup tits.  Her measurements are 32A-22-24 and weighs 110 pounds standing five foot three.  She started in the adult industry when she was about 21 years old and is currently working today.


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Amber Rayne Brazzers
14 January 2012 at 06:55

Amber Rayne Does Hardcore In Brazzers!

Teens Like It Big and Amber likes to suck on big cocks.

I know she is young and still impressionable however she swears that she is always learning new things in this business. Recently, I heard that one of her favorite things to do is to tease her playmates by telling them what a great cook she is and that is makes a mean chicken marsala and that the trick to this dish is to get the mushroom tips to just the right temperature. Before Amber got ready to HEAD into the kitchen to heat things up, she started a little appetizer in the bedroom with his hard vegetable, dinner anyone?


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Amber Rayne Blowjob
14 January 2012 at 06:46

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Amber met this new guy from a friend, first impression was that he was kind of a douche bag. After thinking it over she gave him another shot and thought she really liked this guy. They went on a few more dates which usually wound up at the wine bar across from her house. Tonight was special though, when she came in the door her roommate and her boyfriend were home so she led her man back to her bedroom. After a few kisses, tugs on clothing and panties dropping on the floor, he noticed that her vibrator was on the bed. Guess he was curious if she was playing stroke the kitty before he arrived, no wonder why girls are usually not ready on time.


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Amber Rayne Porn
14 January 2012 at 06:41

Amber Rayne Rides Cock In Innocent High!

Knock. Knock…Miss Rayne, can I see you in my office a moment. Of course this girl is looking for a raise in her salary! And she knows the only way this is going to happen is to show this guy who the hell is boss. Amber spent 15 minutes explaining policy and procedure of what her positions entail and verbally this guy just doesn’t want to hear reason. Amber knows that she will visually have to prove to him that if she can get him a raise then fucked over, then she certainly deserves some serious compensation. With her bare ass grinding aganist his pelvis, she takes charge like any good cowgirl and reverses his position…looks like she ended up getting a raise and a new position after all.


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Amber Rayne
14 January 2012 at 06:38

See Amber as a brunette schoolgirl spreads her pussy!

Amber usually gets into trouble and sent to the principal’s office. This is usually followed with a few licks of the principal’s paddle which Miss Rayne usually is so proud to bend over and just take it. What the principal realized once she bent over his desk is that oopsie she forgot to wear her panties underneath that lil school girl uniform that they are required to wear. After he sits her down, and on his lap; he gives her a stern talking to with his tonge as he is undressing her and explaining her punishment, detention! Blowjobs everyday after school for one month! Looks like she might be a naughty girl more often if it means getting on his HONOR ROLL.


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Amber Rayne and Chayse Evans
14 January 2012 at 03:28

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What does Amber and Al Bundy have in common? They both worked at shoe stores…well at least according to this pic. The only difference is that Amber’s secret obsession is women’s feet. A gal with a great pedicure and blinged out big toes always makes this girls pussy wet and she made Chayse melt with her big toe blow. One lick between the slit and she was sliding out of that chair and onto her back. Looks like this might be something to try on the ladies if it works for Amber.


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